Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sigma Blending E25

This is a mini review for the Travel size Sigma Blending brush E25

Yes I got 2 of them.
I won one in a giveaway hosted by Ashley over at CosmeticEye.
Thank you Ashley!
And I won an other in a giveaway hosted by Miranda over at All Things Beautiful.
Thank you Mirada!

And then I applied for Sigma Incentive Program
and got one for me (waiting for it) - and one for you.

And I actually have a 4th brus that I got as a gift with my brush order.
See my HAUL post about it.

When I got my first one I was like "oh okey a blending brush".
But now that I have had it for a while I have found more use of it.

The Sigma E25 is really soft. So I thought I would try it with my concealer.
Not a stick concealer. A concealer brush works with those.
I have a lighter/creamier concealer - e.l.f Tone correcting concealer.
And if I use a concealer brush with that it just removes the product.
How ever the Sigma E25 is soft enough to blend it perfectly.
No more dabbing with my fingers. Yay!

I also tried the Sigma E25 for blending my e.l.f Mineral eye primer.
(Because I don't think the applicator on that one is that great).
Guess what? Works great. Smoothes it out nicely.
And as it is flat you can also use it in your crease and outer corner.
Blends everything out at the same time. Quick and easy.

Designed in the USA
Made in P.R.C

What is your favorite brush (any brand)?
__  __  __

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!


  1. Wow so you ended up winning 2! did you ever recieve the one that you won from my blog giveaway? I got an email saying it was sent so hopefully you got it or will get it soon!

  2. I'm confused. Yes it seems I won 2. And maybe the second one was from you and the incentive brush is yet to come. This is all so confusing.
    I'm going to change this post and say I won 1 from you as well. Thank you for reminding me!

  3. wow, you are one lucky girl! i hope to win a lot of brushes too! my favorite brush as of now is suesh brushes since that's the only set I got as of now! can't afford to buy expensive brushes... suesh brushes are also soft and i love it! very affordable too!


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