Sunday, November 16, 2014

NEW! Born Pretty Store Image Plates 1-10 - Photos

Part 1 of the Born Pretty Store Image Plates

While I was on vacation a while ago I received an e-mail, from Tina over at Born
Pretty Store, asking if I wanted to review some of their NEW Image PlatesAfter
having a slow year on the blogging front I had to think about it. But only for a second
as I could not refuse such an offer. The plates came this week and and they look good.

If you are interested in getting any Born Pretty Store plates or other items
you can use my code: DPL91 for 10% off your purchase. Click the picture
to go to Born Pretty Store and the Image Plates. - Or Click HERE!

The Image Plates comes with a backing and a blue protective film that has to be
removed. It comes off easily. First plate BP-01 is Christmas themed with really
cute reindeers and I love the snowflakes. Plate BP-02 has floral and lace designs.

Plate BP-03 has 3 full nail designs and 6 smaller images. No real theme on this plate with flowers, cats and a pictureframe. Plate BP-04 is my favorite just looking at it. It has peacock designs and a dancing lady that is a bit too close to the center image. The curly thing at the bottom is also a bit too close. Odd ones are the flames and owl. I think they could have left those out because Plate BP-05 also has an owl. There's also a farao mask and Hamsa hand along with vine and leaf designs. Plate BP-06 has stars and moons and could maybe be called the cosmic plate if it weren't for the cross and gender symbols.

Plate BP-07 has an "inca-aztec-mayan" like feeling on the full nail design along with cute butterflies a long floral desing across the center of the plate and swirls at the bottom. Next one is BP-08 with a tribal/swirly desing at the top and star- and flower wines and a lotus design in the middle and a big butterfly and leafes and an other lotus like flower. Plate BP-09 has 4 full nail designs and 2 of them reminds me of Nordig Wool Jumpers. Last Plate is BP-10 has five smaller images at the top of the plate and a large pasly swirl image at the bottom of the plate.

If you are interested in getting any Born Pretty Store plates or other items
you can use my code: DPL91 for 10% off your purchase. Click the picture
to go to Born Pretty Store and the Image Plates. - Or Click HERE!

From what I understand bloggers have been reviewing and helping
Born Pretty Store to improve these Image Plates. And what I got is the
Revised set as it appears on the Born Pretty Store WebsiteIn the following
posts will do a review on how they stamp and I will show you manicures
using a few images from these plates. Starting with Image Plate BP-01.

Stay tuned for more...

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