Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spectraflair and Morphing Powders

Morphing Powders and Spectraflair

I realised that I never wrote a blog post about the
Morphing Powders and Spectralair that I
ordered from More Nail Polish Blog - HERE!
I got them ages ago. And they are amazing. 

Morphing Powders

I don't have any suspension base so I mixed the Morping Powders
into clear polish. The powder sinks to the bottom of the bottle after a
while so I added the largest mixing balls (ball bearing) I could fit into
the bottle. And then give it a good shake before I start with my base.

Morphing Powders mixed into Clear Nail Polish.

And the Spectraflair. WOW! Look at it. It is so cool. I missed most of the
Holographic polishes that China Glaze came out with. But this baby is Killer!
I also mixed the Spectraflair in clear polish and added mixing balls to it.

Spectraflair mixed into Clear Nail Polish.   



Do you want to see swatches of them?
Post your comments and tell me and I'll do so.

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. gorgeous, those little pots look magical, yes please we want swatches !

  2. This looks amazing!! Yes, swatches please ;0).

  3. Okies! You are getting swatches.

  4. Where did you buy the spectraflair?

    1. I got it from a blogger Here:


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