Saturday, February 4, 2012

OPI Best Of The Best Mini Collection

 OPI Best Of The Best Mini Collection has all your favourite OPI colours in one set.

This adorable collection contains 10 of the best OPI colours to have been launched.
From neutrals to reds there is a colour to suit every occasion.

Collection contains:
Alpine Snow 3.75ml - Whitest white’ to give a crisp, clean French tip.
Bubble Bath 3.75ml - Delicate pink, perfect for French manicures.
Tickle My France-y 3.75ml - A naughty shade of nude.
Strawberry Margarita 3.75ml - A fabulous bright pink.
Cajun Shrimp 3.75ml - A flavoursome red with a hint of coral.
Big Apple Red 3.75ml - As big and bold as the red apple itself.
I'm Not Really A Waitress 3.75ml - A vivacious, Chianti red.
You Don't Know Jacques 3.75ml - A trendy taupe.
Russian Navy 3.75ml - A deep-sea indigo.
Lincoln Park After Dark 3.75ml - Where midnight meets purple.

 Alpine snow is one of the best selling OPI lacquers, whether you’re looking to create
striking fashion nails or a fabulous French manicure – a must for everyone’s collection!
Use OPI’s renowned ‘whitest white’ to give a crisp, clean French tip. 

If there ever was a neutral nail polish to suit everyone, it’s OPI Bubble Bath.
Part of the OPI Classics Neutral Range, this polish is a sheer, delicate pink
– perfect for French manicures.

OPI Tickle My France-y is (as you’ve guessed), part of the OPI French Collection.
Glamorous, sophisticated and so very appropriate, this colour screams class!

Every girl needs a nude like this in her OPI collection.

Strawberry Margarita from OPI is so delicious it makes us thirsty for a cocktail!
Simply slip into this bright pink and enjoy... Part of the OPI Classics Range (as it
was a best seller when originally released as part of the OPI Beach Party Collection). 

OPI Cajun Shrimp is a daring red, and perfect for summer toes. A flavoursome red,
with just a hint of coral, this lacquer is highly pigmented for full, long-lasting coverage.
Great for when you want to make a statement!

If you're looking for the ideal red nail polish to make a splashing statement,
look no further than Big Apple Red from OPI. Not too blue, and not too orange,
this is the perfect blend of red! Loved by Instyle (they voted it one of their
best beauty buys of 2009), this colour is a must in any nail lovers collection.
Part of the OPI New York Collection. 

Originally part of the OPI Hollywood Collection, I’m Not Really A Waitress
was so popular it was added to the long-term OPI Classics Range. 

You Don’t Know Jacques is a fantastic taupe that is bang on trend with
this season’s Greige obsession. A delightful dark grey/beige you’ve be the
envy of all nail obsessive’s in this colour. OPI are the world leading manufacturer
of professional hand, foot and nail care products. Part of the OPI Classics Range. 

Russian Navy sold out as part of the OPI Russian Collection, so thank goodness
OPI brought it back as part of the OPI Classics Range! This Deep-Sea Indigo is
what Rhianna wears in her ‘Take a Bow’ video, as well as being spotted on Whitney
in the Hills. Russian Navy is definitely the new black! 

Where midnight meets purple!
Lincoln Park After Dark OPI Nail Polish is part of the OPI Chicago Nail Polish.
This best selling nail polish should not be confused by its younger friend,
Lincoln Park At Midnight (which leans more to aubergine).

Did you know? Lincoln Park After Dark is OPI’s most popular nail polish colour.

You can find this set at:

I bought mine from Ebay

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And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. I wish OPI would sell every color in these tiny little bottles. There are so many I would like to try without spending $8.50. I never use a whole bottle of polish well with the exception of base/top coat and Big Apple Red. Its my all time favorite red. I'm not going to buy this set though because I have every color with the exception of 3 in the full size bottles.

    1. These are my first OPI:s along with one full size bottle of Grape... Set... Match. And I really like all of them. Why I chose this one is that I can get a feel of the polish and try out the popular shades. And yes $8.50 seems like a lot for a full size bottle. However not compared to the cost of drugstore polish in Sweden.

  2. Great Blog!
    I have the first mini collection you featured, I love the Cajun Shrimp, especially on my toes!

    1. Thank you!
      My cajun shrim dried up it the bottle and I had only made one swach of it on a nail wheel. Now I'm trying to see if I can find a dupe for it among my polishes. A future post...


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