Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Water Marble - FAIL

Was long ago when I did water marble nail art. So I wanted to do some but...
ended up with a mess. The nail polishes did just not want to work with me.

Did some reading on the subject and found out that not all polishes are good
for water marbling. If it does not spread in the water. Don't use that polish.

I have to try it again some time.
Any help on the water marble matter... Any secrets to share?
How do you guys do it? Patterns and all >.<

Been really busy. And still am. Good thing I have "old" things to post.


  1. All I know is, Miss Sporty does not play well in water.. My only attempt at water marbling was messy.. some bits looked nice, most nails needed redoing several times, and it ended up rather lumpy.

  2. the NYX and collection 2000 ones worked well for me.

    Around you nails isn't messy at all so jealous mine were a joke lol.

  3. I might do some testing this weekend if it rains. Not that I want it to rain. But if it is sunny I'll be outside... Ah we will see

  4. OPI works great for marbling. I also heard that if the temp of water is too warm, it prevents proper application. And of course, be super fast with neons. China glaze is OKAY, but I havent done much work using their polishes. I LOVE the cool ideas from your blog. I'm about to be a new follower. Keep the ideas coming! You inspire me.

  5. How heart warming to hear that I can be an inspiration. Happy happy happy!


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