Sunday, June 19, 2011

ELF Nail Polish Swatches Part 2

Black and White in the middle of the Wheel.Picture taken in Light Tent

This is the Second post on elf nail polish swatches.

First ELF Nailpolish post HERE!

Black and White in the middle of the Wheel.Picture taken in Natural Light

Click the pictures so that you can see the colors in all their glory.

Chocolate, Blush, Moonlight - Light Tent
Chocolate, Blush, Moonlight - Natural Light

 Desert Haze, Innocent, Fair Pink - Light Tent
 Desert Haze, Innocent, Fair Pink - Natural Light

 Pearl, Metall Madness, Mint cream - Light Tent
 Pearl, Metall Madness, Mint cream - Natural Light

Natural/Nude colors - Natural Light

10. Chocolate
11. Blush
12. Moon Light
13. Desert Haze
14. Innocent
15. Fair Pink
16. Pearl
17. Metal Madness (Looks better in real life).
18. Mint Cream
 None of the polishes are really high gloss.
The cream polishes are the shiniest of the bunch.
Swatches are 2 Coats if not mentioned othervise. No Top Coat.
  1. Light Pink - How should I describe this... Kinda like a cream finish with silver shimmer, if that makes any sense.
  2. Pearl Pink - Subtle duo chrome just haven't figured out the other tone. Pearl finsih.
  3. Sunset - Pearl finish with micro shimmer.  Similar finnish to Pearl Pink.
  4. Berry Pink - Frost finnish with silver shimmer.
  5. Passion Pink -  A mix of Frost and Pearl finish. At first I thought I had mixed up the name with Fluorescent pink because this is brighter.
  6. Fluorescent Pink - Not a cream, not a Pearl, not a Frost
  7. Mango Madness - Cream finish. 3 Coats
  8. Champagne
  9. Mod Mauve - Cream finish
  10. Chocolate - Cream finish
  11. Blush - Pearl finish
  12. Moonlight - Pearl finish
  13. Desert Haze - Cream finish
  14. Innocent - Cream finish. 3 Coats
  15. Fair Pink - Cream finish
  16. Pearl - Pearl finish
  17. Metall Madness - Small glitter in a dark metall grey base. Gritty, needs a good top coat.
  18. Mint cream - Cream finish. 4 Coats because it is the most "watery" of them all. I have used almost all of it to blend (franken) one of my favorite mint colors.
I found it hard describing the finish. Maybe you have the same
e.l.f nailpolishes and could help me with this.
What do you have to say about the finish of these nail polishes?
And what is the difference between Satin and Frost finish?
Does any of these polishes have what you call Frost or Satin finish?

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And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!


  1. You're a complete and utter legend!
    I know from personal experience that the colour on the site doesn't match the colour on your nails, so I kept getting put off from buying more of their polish.
    Thanks to your swatch wheels, I've just bought 5 bottles!


  2. Thank you!
    Hold on to your wallet I have more swatches of elf nail polish coming haha.


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