Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nail Polish Storage - Helmer

It was raining the other day so my sister asked me if I wanted to go to IKEA.
First I did not want to go. But then I realised that I could go check out HELMER.
The drawer that other bloggers have for their Nail Polish Collections.
So we went to Kungens Kurva in Skärholmen, south of Stockholm, which is
the home of the largest IKEA store in the world (opened in 1965).

I measured my Nail Polishes so I could see if they would fit in there.
My tallest Polish was 9,5 cm (just under 4 inches). And when I measured
HELMERs drawers at IKEA I saw that my polishes would fit. I was a bit
unsure about my tallest polishes if they would fit. But I only have a few of them.

 The side of the drawer is 3,5 Inches, but you have a bit more room up to the top.
Like you can see my Sally Hansen Polish that is just under 4 inches fits in there.

My tallest Nail Polish is the Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield.

I also picked up RATIONELL VARIERA from the kitchen department at IKEA.
It is good to have a rubbery material on the bottom of the drawers so that
the polishes do not glide. I used up just about the entire roll.

My shortest bottles are Elf Nail Polish Bottles (and other various brands).
No problem fitting them in there. But be careful when you pull out the drawers.
If you fill them with polish bottles it will become heavy, so hold on tight.

A bit taller is the Color Club bottles, Konad Special Polish
and IsaDora and they fit perfectly.

China Glaze, Orly  and Savina Bottles goes right in without any problem.
And for your information I did not fill up all of the space.
That means I have room for more polishes. "Smiles"

Assembling HELMER was easy. But I did need a power tool for the wheels.
It was hard doing it by hand. But maybe you can do it if you are strong.

If you are wondering anything about HELMER, just ask.
Where do you keep your Nail Polish Collection?
__  __  __

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading!


  1. omg so many nail polish? well, i have 3 in my collection LOL so no problem finding a storage

  2. in the future i guess i will have to buy something like that, too. :D

  3. I'm thinking about getting the Alex :)

  4. @heavenrain - 3 polishes? He he that is what my sister started out with this year. Now she has at least a small box with polishes.

    @Miss L - I have been thinking about HELMER for a while. To get or not. Mine is no where near full. So I have space for other things in there also.

    @rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued)- short or tall alex or the wide one? I think the tall ALEX with 9 drawers would be great. But not this month. I have to see when I find a new appartment If I will buy or not.

  5. wow, that is a LOT of nail polish! :)

  6. Hehhe. You don't even see all of them. But it's not really that many. I've seen collections that take up the walls of a room.

  7. Eg har akkurat kjøpt meg en slik Helmer også :) Min er ikke halvfull med neglelakk enda, men det tar nok ikke lange tiden.. samlingen vokser veldig raskt ;)

  8. Jag har nagellack i de 4 översta lådorna. Men de är inte fulla. Så jag har plats med mer jag också hehe ;)
    Och jag gillar att se andras collectioner :)


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