Monday, January 16, 2012

Easy to do Striping Manicure

This post includes a YouTube Tutorial and Swatches
of Orly - Lucky Duck and also what is coming up soon.

For this Mancure I used Orly Lucky Duck as the base color and then
applied the tapes. But do wait long enough for the polish to dry and don't
rush it like me. Or you will be stuck with tape coming off on the polish. Then
I applied one layer of Orly - Le Chateau and started peeling off the striping
tapes. I wanted to decorate the nails with some Black Hexagons. But you
can use whatever you like. Rhinestones or just do dotts with polish. I used
hexagons cause I have them so I want to use them. Apply Top Coat - DONE!


Swatches of Orly - Lucky Duck. 2 coats. You can
get away with just one. But for the photos I did two.

Lucky Duck is From the "Birds of a Feather" Collection. I have
three of the polishes and I will be showing you swatches of the
other two in an other post. This is getting long enough as it is.

3 Polishes from "Birds of a Feather" Collection
Orly - Lucy Duck, Nite Owl and Fowl Play

Orly - Le Chateau is from the "Holiday Soiree"
Collection. But more on that in an other blog post.

Orly - Holiday Soiree Collection
 __ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. Really pretty! I like the tutorial.

    Gotta get some stripping thingy.
    Oh, and I also have "foul play" coming to me soon. Excited!

  2. This is just gorgeous, and I can't believe how simple it is.

  3. This looks great!! Love the design.

  4. Lucky Duck is very pretty color. Love the mani you did. It looks great!


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