Monday, January 16, 2012

Two Polishes From Orly - "Birds of a Feather" Collection

I showed you swatches of Orly - Lucky Duck in yesterdays post - HERE.
And today I have two more polishes from "Birds of a Feather" Collection.
I don't have them all and I kind of regret not getting Sweet PeacockI can
still get it. The other 2 (Peachy Parrot and Sea Gurl) did not apeal to me.

 Orly - Fowl Play

Orly - Fowl Play (no Top Coat)

All pictures show nails that are painted in the following way:
Index finger - 2 coats of Fowl Play
Middle finger -  1 coat of Fowl play over a dark polish
Ring finger - 2 coat of Fowl Play over a dark polish
Pinky - 3 coats of Fowl Play
Thumb - 1 coat of Fowl Play
All swatches without Top Coat

2 coats an you have an opaque application. Goes on smootly.
I turn this bottle up-side-down a while before I start painting my nails,
so that the flakes comes up from the bottom of the bottle.
(I'm not happy with how the photos of Fowl Play turned out. Look at the bottle picture
of Fowl Play - and remember all pictures are clickable. And you will stay on this page).

1 coat of Orly - Fowl Play

 Orly - Nite Owl

This polish surprised me and became a favorite. Thought it would be
Luky Duck for the color or Fowl Play for the flakies. But it was the shimmer
in Nite Owl that did it for me. It is just gorgeous. Not just an other nude.
And the application is a dream. So easy and smooth.

Orly - Nite Owl (no Top Coat)

I'd say this is a one coater. But because I have not buffed down the
ridges on my nails, and for the sake of the photos, I did two coats.
Don't want the ridges to show. All swatches without Top Coat.

1 Coat of Orly - Nite Owl

 I did a print with XL Image Plate D using Brown Konad Special Polish.
Did a side swipe with Models Own - Slate Grey (I think it was that one).
The applied 2 brown glitter frankens I have made to the tips. MEH...

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. Yr right...night owl is AMAZING close up!

  2. Very nice, Night Owl is gorgeous... Your design is very organic, I like it a lot

  3. Nice mani. IT looks really pretty!

  4. Orly Fowl Play is really pretty!! I haven't seen Night Owl before. It's a gorgeous neutral!


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