Thursday, March 24, 2011

ELF Haul II - Part 2

ELF Haul II - Part 2

Part 1 can be Found HERE
Huge ELF Haul HERE
Swatches to Huge ELF Haul HERE

ELF Studio Single Eyeshadow

Single Eyeshadow

The beautiful soft texture melts into the skin for a vibrant
color that lasts. Convenient and easy to apply, just layer
the color to achieve the desired intensity. Apply wet or dry
for a fabulous look that never creases or fades.

Coffee Bean and Pebble
Amethyst and Saddle

My swatches does not do justice to the colors.
You can click the pictures to see them bigger.

Amethyst, Saddle, Coffe Bean, Pebble, Sand Dollar

Sand Dollar is a Light shade with gold shimmer.
Pebble is least pigmented and not so shimmery.
Coffe Bean and Saddle are wonderful browns with gold shimmer
Saddle beeing a bitmore red toned of the two.
Amethyst is awonderful Lilac/Purple colour with Blue shimmer in it.
It's my new favourite.

Amethyst, Saddle, Coffe Bean, Pebble, Sand Dollar
__  __  __


The soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish.
Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth.
Highlight your complexion with a subtle healthy glow!

ELF Studio Blush Packages

I really don't like shopping for blushes.
The two that I use the most I can't find in shops anymore.
What to do - Where to look...

Mellow Mauve and Tickled Pink
 Blushing Rose and Fuchsia Fusion
I am so glad I found ELF.
Great blushes. Great colors. Great price.
 I had picked out five blushes and
did not know what shade to choose,
so I bought them all. And I'm glad I did.
Because I like them all.

Gotta Glow

Gotta Glow is a great highlighter with gold shimmer.

Fuchsia Fusion

Pink with Gold Glitter. Seemed to be chunky glitter
but can be applied lightly as a highlight. If you don't like
glitter, do not get this one.

Blushing Rose

The darkest blush of the bunch, has gold shimmer.
I have to apply this with a light hand. As it is a
dark shade for my fair skintone.

Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink is an "easy" shade. No heavy glitter.
You get a nice sheen of this blush.
It is not so pink. More a rose/coral color.
Great for fair skintones. My new Favourite.

Mellow Mauve
 Mellow Mauve has blue/purple shimmer in it. Really cool.

Mellow Mauve and Tickled Pink

 Click picture to view it bigg.

Blushing Rose, Mellow Mauve, TickledPink, Fuchsia Fusion, Gotta Glow
Applied with a heavy hand.

I have to get better lighting and fix my DIY Light tent,
because my swatches are not that good.

Any questions - Just ask and I will do my best to answere.

Have you found any favourite Eyeshadows from ELF?
What Blush do you like the best?
Any blushes you don't like?
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Products Bought with my Own Money

And that is a "Piece of Pie" - Thank you for reading! - Feel free to comment.


  1. awh thx so much for the swatches and mini reviews :D

  2. YOu are welcome! There are more comming...


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