Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On My Nails Today

This is the manicure I have been wearing for a few days now.
My mother says it looks really wintery. Like snow and a night sky.

The base color is Catrice - 240 Sold Out For Ever.
Tips are sponged with Orly - Le ChateauStamped
with Cheeky Image Plate CH46 using Orly - Le Chateau
and embellished with Cheeky Rhinestones.

I took a walk in the moonlight today...

...to look at hundreds of candles...

They are hanging from the trees...
 ...laying in snowy pits...

And this accurs only for a few hours on this one day of the year...

 ...then one after an other they die out...

...and all that is left is the holes in the snow...
...oh yeah... and the photos.

And then I went in and watched the movie Australia.

Lazy days!

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. Beautiful! Both your nails and the candles in the snow!!

    1. Thank you! The candles is a really nice "show". It is just breath taking and really romantic.

  2. The candles look so pretty in the snow


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