Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Makeup and Nail Polish Hauls

These last days of the year are usually busy times. I myself
have been doing some volunteer work and ended it with a party
on Saturday 22nd. It's been hard work but really rewarding and

most of all fun. I will end the year on my blog with sceduled posts

of manicures I have done during the year, swatches of nail polish

and makeup and hauls that never made it to the blog until now. So 
this is things from alonger period of time, some from this summer.

These posts might go on even in the first days of the new year.


Coastal Scents Haul

42 Double Stack Palette - Blush and Shadow - Matte and Shimmer Palettes

And I got a mini sample eyeshadow palette for free.

Beauty Joint Haul

L.A Colors - EP41 Wine and Roses
L.A Colors - EP24 Unforgettable

Wet n Wild - 246 Greed and 247 Pride 

Wet n Wild Mono 301 Unplugged

832E Heather Silk, 834E Berry Shimmer, 831E Pearlecent Pink and 833E Mellow Wine

736 Petal Pusher, 737 Blue Had Me At Hello and 738 Comfort Zone

Rimmel Haul

Rimmel - Quad - 002 Smokey Brun, Mono - 220 Instinct
Trio (Right) - 730 Spices and Trio (Bottom) - 624 Lynx

Color Club Halo Hues Haul

Halo-Graphic, Cloud Nine, Cherubic, Harp On It, Blue Heaven and Angel Kiss

Born Pretty Store Haul

Born Pretty Store Code: DPL91
White and Black Special Polish - (Review HERE)
2 sets of Nail Art brushes (Review of one set HERE)
Gold Waterdecals
Led Lights
Moustache Ring
Hello Kitty Memo Pads
Hello Kitty self Inked Stamps
Free Gift - Card Holder

Use code DPL91 to get -10% off your order
And remember they offer
FREE World Wide Shipping.
No minimum.
__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


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