Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Polish Swatches and Hauls

These last days of the year are usually busy times. I myself have
during the past 2 weeks been doing volunteer work and ended it
with a party on Saturday 22nd. It's been hard work but really rewarding
and most of all fun. I will end the year on my blog with sceduled posts
of manicures I have done during the year, swatches of nail polish
and makeup and hauls that never made it to the blog until now.
These posts might go on even in the first days of the new year.


Essence - 99 Wanna Say Hello, 53 YouBelong To Me,
79 Viva La Green, 39 Lime Up! and 95 Wanna Be Your Sunshine

Essence - 53 You Belong To Me

Essence - 63 Think Pink, 92 Better Late Than Never,
61 Fame Fatal, 91 Glamorous Life and 43 Where Is The Party

Essence Season of Extremes

Essence Season of Extremes - 01 It's Two Bright, 02 Brightsmates,
03 We are all Bright and 06 My Best Nude Friends And Me

Essence Color³ Nail Polish

Essence Color³ Nail Polish - 02 Shopping Trip In Soho,
03 Kiss On Top Of The Rock, 04 Walk In The Park and 06 Ticket To The Show

Cartice - Pimp My Shrimp & BK - 07

Limited Edition Laura Page - 39

Models Own - Mushroom and BYS - (Label says N146A Bright Lights.
But that is supposed to be a Yellow so I think this is...) 146 Royal Purple

Image Plate A36 and Konad - Light Bronze

Golden Rose Classic Metallic

 Classic Metallic - 03

 Classic Metallic - 09

 Classic Metallic - 07

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. You've got some lovely stuff here.

    1. Thank you! Just brakes my heart that I have not used it as much as they deserve. So I thought I must atleast show them once on the blog.

  2. Wow!!! These nail colors are all gorgeous!!! They all look elegant and classy. Perfect for any occasion.


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