Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Full Nail Water Decal Review

Have you heard of www.kkcenterhk.com?
They have eyelashes, eyeshadows and other makeup, wigs, clothes
and nail art items. They sent me full nail water decals to try out and review.


Approx.Length : 3cm/ 30mm/ 1.1"
Water Transfer Sticker
Easy To Apply, Zero Dry Time!
Kit Includes: 12 Nail Tip Sheets And 1 Smoothing Tool

Water Decals are Not Sticky!


I decided to apply the full nail water decals on false nails as I did not want to cut
half of the image off, because I realised that it would take too long for my nails to
grow that long. And even though I used false nails I had to cut some of the image,
but not nearly as much as I would have if I had applied them on my own nails. 


Nail Water Decals Tutorial:

(I apply water decals on polished nails)

1. Peel off the plastic cover before use.
2. Size the decal with your own nail. Cut off the decal which has the best fit with your own nails.
3. Prepare a cup/bowl of water and dip the water decal into it.
4. Use tweezer to pick up the decal after a few minutes.
(The water decal will silde off the paper if you dipped it successfully.
If not, the decal will not slide off the paper - dip again until it sildes off).
5. Place the water decal on your nail and adjust the position.
(In this step, be careful. The water decal will be movable as it is still wet.
If it is drying on your nail, put a few drops of water on it and you can
continue to adjust the position.
6. Dab excess water with tissue paper when the decal is in psition.
7. Carefully file off any excess decal and apply top coat.


To my water decals I applied a shimmery polish here and there
(Essence Season of Extremes -Topper part of 06 My Best Nude
Friends and Me). And I added a few stars with Konad Plate M14
using Konad Polish in Silver and Gray Pearl. And to top it off I
applied Baby Pearls AB from dollarnailart.com to each nail.


These water decals are of good quality and are easy to use. And when
you apply top coat they will be totally smooth so that nothing will catch on
your nails. On the package it says it is made of nail polish and it does kind
of melt or fuse with the polish underneath. As I applied these on false nails
I can not say anything of wear time but I think it is as normal nail polish.

Get your water decals from kkcenterhk.com

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And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. That's a really nice design. I'm a sucker for water decals though :)

    1. I fell in love with this design. I think I have to order them and use them on my nails. Hehhe


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