Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Red Angel Plates - Photos

Package, Collection, Peel Film and RA-101

Here comes photos of my Red Angel Image Plates. This collection is 21
plates that come in a cute plastick baggie. I bought mine from
However they do not ship these to Sweden. I had to have them shipped to
Stacey in the USA. She was kind enough to ship them to me along with other
image plates, Revlon whimsical and a Giveaway item I won on her blog.
These plates does not have a protective backing so you have to be careful
when removing the blue film so that you don't hurt yourself on the sharp edges.
These are same size as Konad, Bundle Monster and other brand image plates.

RA-102, 103, 104 & 105

RA-106, 107, 108 & 109
RA-110, 111, 112 & 113
RA-114, 115, 116 & 117
RA-118, 119, 120 & 121

Of what I understand there is to versions of this collection.
have the one where 2 of the faries are missing their wings.
I will try and use butterfly wings from an other image plate.

Do you have these plates?
Wings or no wings?

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. you take such good pictures of your plates! i wish i had found your blog when i was debating which set to get. useless search engines, lol!

    1. Thanks! I was searching pictures too before I got mine. I hope some will have use for these now

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  3. I got mine today. No wings, no little hearts inside the baloons from RA-103 and one of the faces from RA-117 has no brows :(
    A friend of mine said that they've changed the factory and the quality is worse now. I didn't have a chance to try them out yet, but I hope they'll work..

    1. And it seems that they will not make new better once untill these are sold...

    2. Such a shame.. I've seen so many reviews of these plates, waited so long to get them (I live in Europe and they do not ship internationally, so I had to find someone to buy them for me) and it turns out that they are not as good as I hoped they will be.. Anyway.. I will give them a try tomorrow and see how it goes. Hope it's not that bad..

  4. I think they stamp ok. yes some images are not what they should. But I like this set anyways. I had to have them shiped to my by someone in the states too.

  5. I tried my set for the first time today :)
    I stamped a lot of images on the piece of paper and you were right. They work just fine :) I love this set too :)

    1. I'm glad you found out that you actually do like the set. Just because a few images are missing wings does not mean the whole set is bad. nad the wings can be added with a butterfly wing..

  6. snif snif amazon ne livre en france MAIS POURQUOI ????

  7. vraiment trop belle encore plus belle que les cheeky ou les chany mais je peut pas les avoir il ne livrent pas en france trop nul snif snif

    1. I had a girl (in the US) from a Polish/stamping group on Facebook ship them to me. Maybe you can ask someone to do the same for you.


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