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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Magnetic Dusty Damask Stamping

I have so many ideas about stamping in my head that it is
hard to get any of them out. I can't make up my mind of where
to start. I also have many polishes to swatch and show you. I'm
trying to combine the new polishes with all the stamping ideas.

 It is not always possible to do that as I might not have
polish in my untrieds that matches the idea in my head.
But when playing with my new DRK-A Plate I came up
with this damask stamping. And I have to say: I'm in love!

As the base I have Magnetic Force - SCI-FI. It is the polish I
showed you in THIS POST. On top of that I stamped a damask
image from my new DRK-A plate using Konad - Black Pearl.
Then I applied a yellow rhinestone in the center of each nail.

You can order the DRK-A Image Plate from Cesars Shop HERE
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And that's a "Piece of Pie"
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