Friday, April 20, 2012

Konad Haul from CesarsShop

I placed an order at CesarsShop for Konad Special Polishes.
I got Moss Green and Gray Pearl as I have heard that it is a good
alternative to the Gold polish Konad has that don't stamp very well.
And I also got Konad Image Plates from the S-series: S2, S4 and
S5. With a love for red I also got Color Club - Red-Ical Gypsy.

Color Club

 Satu from Cesars Shop told me she had looked at by blog and asked
if she could link to it and maybe use some pictures. And for the trouble
she could send me something. I got really happy and said I was in need
of Nail Files. I was totally surprised at what she sent me. Take a look.

 She sent the buffers and nail files that I desperatly needed. With
a variety of grits and one 240 grit that I love. How great is that.

 But there was something else in the package. And imagine my surprise when I
pulled out a Large Image Plate and it was the DRIKK DRK-A!!! *Happy Dance*
I sent her an email saying that I was more than happy with what she sent me.

And then the last little bit that was included in the package a
Charming Nails Q1 Image Plate. It is a really cute plate but
the thing is that I already have this one... What should I do with
this extra that I now have on my hands? Any suggestions?!

Charming Nails Q1 Image Plate

I have to add that packages with nail polish from Cesars Shop
could get stuck in customs and returned to Cesars Shop. Be avare
of that when you place your orders. But anything else is safe to buy
from them. Cesars Shop has Image Plates (Konad & DRIKK - DRK-A),
Nail Files, Nail Art, iPhone Covers, and a lot more... Have a look!

__ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. Wow DRK-A as a gift!?! plus Q1! That is a very nice gesture from the seller.
    I bought a Q1 plate from Cesarshop and it shipped fast to the US and the price+shipping was very affordable.

    How about using Q1 for a giveaway?

  2. I know!!! A very nice gesture. I got my Q1 from there as well.
    Let's see what to do about the extra Q1... :)


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