Monday, April 9, 2012

MeMeMe Cosmetics - Swatches

MeMeMe Rouge set includes: Blush Me!, Light Me Up High Shine Lipgloss and Nail Polish.

MeMeMe - Rouge Best Seller Collection
Comes presented in a beautiful hexagonal gift box.

Here is the third and final post with photos and swatches as
promised of the products from my Cosmetic Haul Post earlier.

MeMeMe Rouge Gift Box

To be honest I got this set mostly because of the hexagonal box. But can
you blame me? I love boxes and this was too cute to resist. Don't you think?!

MeMeMe Blush Me! - Rouge

 Bring out your seductive spirit with this gorgeous set featuring Blush Box
in warm "Rouge", which adds colour to give a healthy glow to the skin.
This is a good color blush for me. The cap has a mirror in it and the
brush sits in a plastic tray ontop of the blush so it don't get ruined.

MeMeMe Light Me Up High Shine Lipgloss - No 9 Intense

 "Intense" Red Light Me Up Lipgloss with a Mirror and Light Up
Applicator for on the go application. The gloss is non sticky and
includes lip plumpers to give a natural pout. I don't own a lipgloss
this color and I love it. A funny feature is the lamp that lights up when
you unscrew the cap/applicator. And it has a small mirror on the side.

MeMeMe Nail Polish - 58 Indulgent

The set also comes with a nail polish
Rouge Noir long lasting nail gloss with a maxi brush.

MeMeMe Nail Polish, Lipgloss and Rouge
Nail Polish and Lipgloss swatch on tape, Blush on bare
skin with no primer. Photo taken in natural light, no flash.

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And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. loving the nail polish :"> how i wished we have Me3 locally..

    Fr: AmiRa/aiMee/aMz,


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