Thursday, April 19, 2012

Polish Haul

Ok here I have a bunch of hauls that I never got to post. Some are
even from last year. Some are from this easter. That is why there is a
chocolate egg in on of the pictures. The chocolate was not that good.

Haul #3

This is one of my latest hauls. And I got a bonus easter chocolate egg.
As I am a lover of red and I know how good the Glitter Gal Holographics
are I just had to get the red and the copper one. They are to die for. A long
time a go I saw magnetic polishes at H&M and I did not think much of it.
But now that EVERYBODY is talking about them I wanted to have a try
myself. I picked two shades of Magnetic Force by Color Club.

Glitter Gal

Magnetic Force by Color Club
I got two polishes that I was missing from Golden Rose. The Holographic
collection is still missing a few and I don't know if they are available anymore.
From the Scale Effects Collection I have been able to get all the 15 polishes.

For spring I wanted a softer shade of red to sport on my nails so I
picked up a coral shade from Misa and also a minty green as I love
that kind of colors. That's why I also picked up Aquadelic. And then
what did my eyes behold? If not  China Glaze - GR8. A holographic
discontinued nail polish. Can this be real?  Labels are different...


China Glaze

Haul #2

More green shades I love one from Color Club and the other
from China Glaze. And two polishes that are good for stamping.

The Golden Rose Holographics are not the best hols/prismatic polishes
but they are gorgeous non the less and I want all of them. I'm thnking of adding 
Spectraflair to them. What do you think? Would that be a good or bad idea?

Golden Rose Holographic

 Haul #1

I found out about the Golden Rose Scale Effects Polishes
a long time ago seeing them on a blog. But then somehow I
forgot about them. And then when I was bitten by the polish
bug I found them again and ofcourse had to order them. 

Golden Rose Scale Effect

All of these hauls are from Enchantra. Polishes are bought by me.

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


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