Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Franken compared to Nubar Prize

No Name Franken and Nubar - Prize.

After showing my post about Red Prismatic Glitter Franken that I
made with Silver Holographic Flake from Ebay, and Nubar - Prize
some days ago, I felt a comparison post coming up as the two did
seem very similar. I made the Franken long before I bought Prize.

Nubar - Prize, Franken, Nubar, Franken.

And they are not all that different. My franken looks to be leaning a bit more
to the blue side of red, and the Nubar is more of a warm tone red. My franken
has a bit more glitter in it but with two coats of Prize I almost have a dupe.

Franken, Nubar - Prize, Franken, Nubar.

With a bit of tweaking of my franken I could get a dupe. The prismatic
shimmer is similar, if not the same. Even though Nubar is more of a jelly
and my franken is opaque, you can with a few coats of Prize build up color.

Nubar - Prize, Franken, Nubar, Franken.

Do you think I should leave my Franken as it is
or try to tweak it to look more like Nubar - Prize?

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. Your franken is stunning as is :)

  2. Awesome franken!!! I think you should leave it as is. Then you'll have two beauties.

  3. i like that yours is different, looks more like a deep pink/red, LOVE!

  4. Thank you dolls! I think I will leavit as it is.

  5. Your franken looks gorgeous! Well done!

  6. Your franken looks ever so slightly pinker than the Nubar, so I love it more than the Nubar. Gorgeous. Don't think you should change.


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