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Hunger Games Eyeshadow Trio from FEVERshadow

District 12 Soot, Rue's Wildflowers and Effie's Trinket

Casandra over at FEVERlacquer was looking for swatchers of her new
eye shadows. I said that I was up for it. And she sent me sample baggies
of her NEW Hunger Games Eyeshadow Trio from FEVERshadow.

First stripe is with no primer or base. I dipped a brush into the sample bag
and did two swipes and dabbed on the product. The second swatch is done
over NYX Jumbo Pencil in MilkThe photos of the swatches are taken in
natural light. The shadows are nicely pigmented and they are easy to blend.

District 12 Soot, Rue's Wildflowers and Effie's Trinket

District 12 Soot is a dark brownish black with subtle shimmer
Rue's Wildflowers is a soft pinkish purple with a blue sheen.
Effie's Trinket is a bold coppery gold with purple shimmer.

District 12 Soot, Rue's Wildflowers and Effie's Trinket

This is what Casandra the creator has to say about
the shadows, and it reveals the inspiration to the colors:

District 12 Soot (matte coal soot black with brown highlights),
covering the district from the mines to the fence.
Rue's Wildflowers (sheer silky iridescent violet with pink highlights),
violet like the wildflowers Katniss dressed Rue in.
Effie's Trinket (rich silky metallic gold with hot pink sparkles),
much like Effie herself... bold and colorful! 

The sparkles of Effie's Trinket can be
seen in the lower part of the photo.

Lets have a look at what I came up with using all three
of the shadows. The photos are taken in various lighting
showing how they will appear in different light conditions.

I applied Effie's Trinket all over the lid and District 12 Soot in the
outer corner of the eye blending it into the crease and also as a liner
close to the lash line. Rue's Wildflowers I applied under the eye.
I used Sigma Beauty makeup brushes to apply the eye shadow.

NEW Hunger Games Eyeshadow Trio from FEVERshadow
includes District 12 SootRue's Wildflowers and Effie's Trinket.

The set will cost $12.50. You can also buy them individually
with a choise of loose shadow for $5 or cream shadow for $5.25
*Note that they will be sold in pots. Not in sample baggies.*

Available around the second week of May at:

*Products was sent to me for review. I always give you my honest opinion.

 In case you missed it Casandra has shared the following:


We are CHANGING OUR NAME! Since there is already a FEVER cosmetics
we are now WISHFUL Bath & Beauty, our polish is still going to be
FEVERlacquer, and our shadows FEVERshadow of course.

4 new eyeshadow shades to come out this month! Summer 2012 collection!
We pulled inspiration from the ocean waves, sandy beaches, sun and heat,
and late walks on a warm night!

New shop link is http://WISHFULbb.StorEnvy.Com/ !!!! Bookmark it!
And new face book page is http://www.Facebook.com/WishfulBathBeauty/

If we can get back up to 400 likes on our new page we will give away the a Wishful
care package which includes polish, the new shadows, bath goodies, and face mask!*

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