Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ebalay Nail Polish Swatches

Ebalay - 008 and 012

Sorry for the lack of posts. During summer I spend a lot of my
time outside without a computer, so posting will be sporadic.

I was asked in a haul post where these Ebalay polishes was
included if I could swatch them first. And that is a good idea as
there is a -25% offer at http://www.kkcenterhk.com/ where I
got them from. But it is only until May 31st. No code needed.

I have to insert a jump brake here as this post has many photos...

This is my first time trying Ebalay polishes. I have 008 and 012.
Both of these are sheer and I think they are meant to be layerd
over other lacquers. I have swatched them over black. On the
swatch sticks (or whatever I should call them) I have done one
coat under the number so that you can see how sheer they are.

008 looks brownish green in the bottle and when swatched
over black it switches from green to pink/purple. 012 looks
bluish pink and over black it goes from blue to fuchsia.

And a few photos taken in natura light in the shade. Photos with green
background is outdoors. All others are taken indoors in a light box/tent.

Over a light color 008 looks like a dirty brown with pink and green
shimmer while 012 look like a nice pinkish lavender with blue shimmer.

Swatches are done with one coat over Black, no
top coat. And two thick coats over Ivory, no top coat.

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. Wow, 008 looks very unusual to me, very unique! Bot both are prettyyy!... =) Thank you for swatches!!

  2. These are so gorgeous!! Oh My! I love them!!! They are duochrome -ish and pretty.

  3. Last day to get 25% off on kkcenterhk.

  4. these are beautiful!

  5. Those polishes look amazing! Thanks for the swatches!:)

  6. Thank you dolls for your comments!


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