Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Red Prismatic Glitter Franken

When seeing Nubar - Prize on my nails it reminded me of a
Franken I did. This Red Prismatic Glitter is made using the
same Silver Holographic Flake as I used when I made a
Silver Holographic Flake Top Coat - view that HEREThe
Silver Holographic Flake is from Custom Painting Pearls - Ebay 

Red Prismatic Glitter Franken

My franken is a bright cherry/berry red polish packed with
prismatic glitter. You need to apply two coats of this and top
coat to make it smooth. The pictures are taken in a light tent. 

Red Prismatic Glitter Franken Matte

How do you feel about Matte Nail Polish? I just had to try
this out as matte. I used ELF - Matte Finisher Nail Polish.
And I have to say that I am loving the frosty smooth look.

Red Prismatic Glitter Franken Matte

Of course I had to add some Stamping to my Franken.
I used XL Plate C and Stargazer Chrome - 232 and 234.

This polish started out as something else but then ended up being
the base for my Silver Holographic Flake that I bought from Ebay.
So I can't really remember what exactly is mixed in to the bottle.

Red Prismatic Glitter Franken Matte with Stamping

What do you think of my Red Prismatik Glitter Franken? 
As I have not yet come up with a name for it - I ask you:
What would you call it? Hit the comments with your suggestions.

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. Stunning franken! I love it matte and stamped!

  2. Gorgeous franken! The matte mani looks very cool and I love the result with stamping!

  3. this is just beautiful :)

  4. So pretty! Especially with the matte top coat. I've always wanted to try the elf one. I've only ever used Essie's and I find it looses it matte effect really fast. And I love the stamping design. Soooooo pretty!!

    1. Thanks! I think it is the same with all matte polishes that they love the matte effect. It's just the way of the mattes. - :) Thank you!

  5. very pretty ♥ painted


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