Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Epic Polish Haul

This is my epic haul. For now just a quick run through. More
pictures and hopefully some swatches to come later on.

Finally my first Catrice, Eyeko polishes and essence image plates.
I ordered a lot of Essence Color and Go polishes. I also wanted to try out
the Essence Season of Extremes and Colour³ doubble ended polishes.

I also got: MeMeMe Best Seller Collection - Pink

MeMeMe Nail Care Collection

MeMeMe Nail Polish Collection - Brights

With my order I got some free gifts. Face primers, eyeshadows and candy.

This was my first time ordering from Maquillalia.
It took a little over a week to get to me in Sweden.

 Thank you Nicole H for sharing this web site. I will order again.
__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. Whoa!!! That's quite a haul! Nice!

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing the website, now I know where to order from to get the Essence and Catrice limited editions that I can never find here in Portugal! Also, I thought Eyeko didn't make nail polish anymore.

    1. Maybe this is what is left of stock and they are selling them out. Thay did not have so many of them.

  3. That is an awesome haul! I am drooling over the Catrice polishes! :)

  4. Hey, I got some candy and eye shadow too.. Was your shipping pretty quick too?? I was very impressed with the shipping to me in Canada and I also was able to get my first Catrice and Essence plates I got one of each except the french tip one. I also ended up getting two stampy sets thinking they may have a different plate for each box but they were the same. I ended up getting three orders in a three day period so I think you and I got some awesome stuff!! Talk to you soon!! Take Care!!

    1. It only took a little over a week to get to me, and it was over the weekend. I'm happy with that. It is pretty quick. I'm really excited over my new polishes.

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  6. :O :O :O i want all of that!

  7. Oooh I can see so many gorgeous colours!


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