Monday, May 21, 2012

Hauls from the Past - Part 2

Here comes the second part of hauls that I should have posted ages ago.
Click Here if you want to have a look at what was shown in Part 1.

Viva La Nails

Viva La Nails Shop is a good place to get all your essential nail care tools
from and accessories such as files, nail tips, rhinestones and waterdecals.
They have Konad Special Polishes and Stamping Image Plates too.

Viva La Nails

I'm inserting a Jump Brake here as this post has lots of Photos...

You Mix (Cosmetics)

You Mix (Cosmetics) - XL Plate B
From when I placed my order You Mix Cosmetics
has been shut down and re-opened with a new
name - You Mix - and new website.

They carry franken supplies, nail stamping plates,
magnetic polishes, pigments and glitters. And are
always adding new things so check back often!

I ordered five color shifting pigments
and an Image Plate, the Image Plates are
out of stock but it says they are coming soon.

The blue background in the above picture
is the backing of the XL Image Plate B.
The scoopers and smal funnel was gifts.
Cosmetics 4 Less

I placed and order at Cosmetics 4 Less because I wanted to have
some glitter polishes with less noticable glitter to use as base for mixing
polishes, as I can't get my hands on suspension base. And I also got a
bunch of clear top coats. And of course I forgot to take photos of them.

Have you heard of Water Based Nail Polishes?

Scotch Naturals are:

Vegan, Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable

Cruelty-free, Gluten Free, Toxin Free, Paraben Free
and Fragrance Free 

Fragrance Free is debatable because I think they

smell like Hazel Nut Cream. So kinda yummy really.

I got my Scotch Naturals from Harlow & Co. But they don't have them anymore.
However they have other great polishes so go check them out if you haven't.

From OC Nail Art I got a bunch of Konad Special Polishes for Stamping.

And they have worldwide free shipping on all orders. No minimum order amount.

BYS and Laura Paige polishes from
They have lots of Makeup too. Good thing I did this haul post
because I had forgot about the BYS Khol Pencil I ordered.

Seems I forgot to post this photo of my Catherine Arley polishes
in Part 1. Because I got them at Beauty Cosmetic as a lot of other
polishes. I was wondering why I thought the order was big and only
had a handfull of polishes in the picture. Yes my sister took all of
the orange polishes, but I totally forgot the Catherine Arleys. How?!

These Models Own Polishes comes from two separate orders. The
Glitter Collection and the 3 random polishes I got at the same time
as I placed an order for the Beetlejuice Collection when it first came out.

The 15 polishes below was from Models Own Christmas Store and
this is the "Ultimate Polish Set" where you got 15 polishes (own choise)
for £50. With a Models Own Facebook Code I ended up paying less
than £50 with shipping included. Hey, I'm not complaining. Happy Pie!

Let me know if you want to get something specific swatched.
That helps me alot cause I don't have to choose, it's so hard.

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


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