Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hauls from the Past - Part 1 PIC HEAVY

These haul posts should have been posted ages ago.
Most of them are from last year. But I never got round to
it so I thought would combine them in one post or two.

Beauty Cosmetics

There was more polishes in my first order from Beauty Cosmetic
 but my sister took all of the Orange polishes I had in this order. I
got my first Essence Color and Go polishes, my first Flormar and
Gabrini polishes. And some Classics Polishes, the small glitter 
bottles in the front and Metallics, but I think they are Golden Rose.

Born Pretty Store

A bunch of Water Decals from Born Pretty Store. I have not used
so many of them yet. And some of them I have already given away.
You can click the photos to see them bigger and get a better view.


With a glitter hysteria going on a while ago I wanted to jump on the
wagon and placed an order at Kkcenterhk. I wanted to try out some
new brands. I got BestSence, Ouqian and Ebalay and at that some Waterdecals.


Don't forget to use the 10% off code for orders at


KKCenterHk - Coupon Amount: 10% off. End Date: Jan. 31st, 2013

Light In The Box

My order from Light In The Box took a while to come.
And one of the polishes was smashed up in shipping.
Good thing the polishes was packed in small baggies
so that the other bottles was not covered in polish. I'm
still waiting for the replacement to come.

Maybe I should have taken the refund instead.
And then ordered the missing polish from
Born Pretty Store instead. Because they have
the same BK Fashion Nail Color polishes.

Ninja Polish

This polish haul is from April this year.
 Rhonni over at Polish Ninja Blog was doing a Group Buy from Brazil. I was
in on the 4th one. I don't think she does them anymore but you can just get the
polishes from Ninja Polish Shop, it is basically the same thing but a web shop.
I wanted some Hits Flake, Holographic and Duo/multi Chrome Polises.
But she missed to send me one polish - Dionisio, and I'm still waiting for it.

Here in Sweden we have lots of Make Up Stores and I went and
bought three of their Holographic Polishes and the Aqua Fix
Base Coat for holos. I use it only under the Make Up Store holos.

Sorry for this bulk post but I'm trying to catch up.

__ __ __

And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. How dó you pay on beauty cosmetics? And i cant find the shipping cost? I live in Denmark :)


    1. She sends you an email with the shipping cost (you pay by weight) she also lets you know if any polishes are out of stock, and then you get a paypal invoice that you pay.

    2. Thanks for the answer :)

  2. Wow, this looks amazing!! =) I looove Ebalay polishes from your photos the most, can you swatch them? Uh, I wish I could get some and those Make Up Store holos too!... <3 <3 <3

    1. See I knew it would be smart to post the hauls. Because It is hard to decide what to swatch (when you have so many untrieds). And now you tell me what you want to see. I'll swatch them for you. The Make Up Store Holos are great. Just let me know and I'll hook you up - Swap or something...

    2. Hi, I was so busy this week, so sorry for a late reply. *blush*
      Can you please swatch Ebalay polishes first? I'm so happy you gave me the choice, thank you! =)) And I'm very interested to see Make Up Store holos too. And can you please tell us how much they cost? I'm kinda on a budget right now, but they are still sooo pretty! If they are not too expensive, I would love to do a little swap with you, thank you so much for your offer! ^^

    3. It's ok. I have been busy myself. A lot has happened after I wrote my reply. It seems I have to go on a bunget myself as I will be unemployed come fall, if I don't find anything else.
      When I bought the Make Up Store Holos a while ago they were 120 SEK thats $16-17 for 8ml. They are not cheap. I might have to sell my own... :(

    4. Uh, I'm so sorry to hear that! =((
      I hope that this doesn't happen, I keep my fingers crossed for you!*
      Make Up Store holos are too expensive for me, but I hope you won't need to sell yours and enjoy their rainbow! =)

    5. Thanks!
      Here are the Ebalay polish swatches.


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