Friday, May 4, 2012

My Pathetic Collection Of Mint Green Polishes

Green Wheel #2:  9. Models Own - Jade Stone, 8. Barry M - Mint Green, 7. IsaDora - Vintage Mint
Polish Wheel on bottom right: 3. Misa - Catch a Flick, 2. Cliché - CanCun, 1. China Glaze - Aquadelic
Green Wheel #3: 13. China Glaze - For Audrey, 12. ELF - Mint Cream, 11. Viva La Diva - #18
and 10. Laura Paige - 01 Aqua Blue. And Franken Wheel #2: 1. My NN Franken

It is funny how I love mint green polish and yet I don't own many
of them. I thought I had more. But a lot of them lean to the blue side
of the color wheel. So they can not really be called mint green.

Laura Paige - #01, CG - Aquadelic, C - CanCunCG - For Audrey, VLD - #18
Franken, ELF - Mint Cream, M - Catch a FlickMO - Jade Stone, BM - Mint GreenID - Vintage Mint

These are the polishes I picked from the swatch wheels:

In direct sunlight

1. Laura Paige - 01 Aqua Blue, 3 coats
2. China Glaze - Aquadelic, 2 coats
3. Cliché - CanCun, 3 coats
4. China Glaze - For Audrey, 2 coats
5. Viva La Diva - #182 coats
6. My NN Franken, 3 coats
7. ELF - Mint Cream, 3 coats
8. Misa - Catch a Flick, 3 coats
9. Models Own - Jade Stone, 3 coats
10. Barry M - Mint Green, 3 coats
11. IsaDora - Vintage Mint, 3 coats
No top coat on any of the swatches

In the shade

What is your favorite Mint/Jade/Green Polish?

I have some "mint" polishes on my wish list...

American Apparel - Office
BB Couture - Laguna Lagoon
China Glaze - Re-fresh Mint

Claire's - Jade
Color Club - New Bohemian
Debby ColorPlay - 81

Essie - Mint Candy Apple and Navigate Her
Eyko - Vintage Polish
Icing - Mint 2 Be and Ocean View

Illamasqua - Milf and Nudge
MAC - Peppermint Patti
Nicole By OPI - My Lifesaver

OPI - Damone Roberts 1968Hey Get in Lime and Mermaid´s Tears
Orly - Ancient JadeGumrop and Mint Mojito
Revlon - Minted

RGB - Minty 
Sally Hansen - Mint Sprint
Viva la Diva - #14
Wet n Wild - I need a refresh-mint

I got this idea after a bost over at Betty Nails - Go check it out:

And also Mona over at Lacky Nails did a post about Mint polishes:

And there are probably lots more that has done it...
If you are one of them please share the link to your
post about mint green polishesin the comments.

Mint Green 

— Color coordinates —  Hex triplet #98FF98  RGBB (r, g, b) (152, 255, 152)

HSV (h, s, v) (140°, 40%, 100%)  Source [2]  B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)


Web Colors

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And that's a "Piece of Pie"


  1. lovely shades specially
    elf.misa Models Own

  2. CG Refresh Mint is my absolute favourite <3

    1. I don't know why I have not bought it yet.

  3. It's not pathetic, it's lovely!!! Mint green is such an awesome polish color!

    1. Hehhe that's why it is pathetic - because it is a lovely shade and I don't have more of it - lol.

  4. Oh Ida!! So many greens! Thank you so much!!
    I really want those CG!
    You have quite a "few" I dont have!
    Hmmmm* Do want*
    Kiss Kiss*

    1. You are welcome! But it can be bad seeing post like this because you see polishes you "need".

  5. Haha vadå patetisk? Min är patetisk :D Gud vad jag vill ha Refresh Mint, jag vill ha allihop ju, men mest RM. Men den jag gillar mest var faktiskt din franken! DU borde döpa den!

  6. Men det är just det jag menar. Vi gillar mint gröna lack men ändå har vi inte mer av dem.
    Wow du gillar min franken mest. Ohhh! Tack! men jag är så dålig på namn. Har ingen aning vad jag ska kalla den.


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